Enrollment Procedures

Enrolling for the Kingdom!

Application for Admission

Upon receiving your application form and application fee, your child will be placed on our waiting list.

Please be informed that paying the application fee does not guarantee your child's enrolment.

Download Application Form here


Aftercare Registration

Required for All students ages 5 and older, even if not using aftercare

Download Application Form here


Emergency Consent to Treatment

Please provide Insurance Policy/Policy Number AND emergency contact and phone number(s).

Download Emergency Consent to Treatment Form here


Evacuation Release

Provide 2 copies

Download Evacuation Release Form here


Financial Policy

One per family

Download Financial Policy-Form here


Immunization Records

Immunization records may be requested using the General Request for Information Form

Download Information Request Form here


Birth Certificate & Picture ID


Information to Request Records

[For NEW students] This form may be used to request information required for enrollment. It may be used to request: (1) school records, (2) education records, (3) Standardized Test Scores, (4) Immunization Records, (5) Record of Physical Exam, and other information.

Download Information Request Form here


School Entry Medical Exam Form

Physician should fill out for students initially entering CAA. This form may be requesting using the Information Request Form

Download Information Request Form here


Internet Policy Contract

This is required for Parents & Students—not kindergarten

Download Internet Policy Form here


Early Drop-off Request Form

Download Early Drop-off Request Form here


DSS Form

[For Kindergarten Classroom Only] Please contact our office for information on this form.


Get your child on board for an exciting education! Complete the information as outlined above and provide it to the school office by August 9th.

Download the Registration Check-off sheet to help with completing the required information.